Areas of Specialty

Marriage and Pre-Marital Counseling

Marriage counseling can address many issues including, but not limited to, change of life (retirement, empty nest, etc.), improving communication, recovering from infidelity, coping with blended family challenges, and much more. Clients may benefit from having someone to help them see past their conflict and to help them work toward finding solutions.

Premarital counseling works to help couples start out strong in their marriages by exploring differences in their family traditions and expectations, differences in their personal experiences and expectations, and in helping the couple to develop the conflict resolution skills that will help them manage the challenges they will face together. Premarital counseling works to allow couples to address issues before they are married that could become significant challenges after they are married.

This is an overview of the concepts of marriage counseling and premarital counseling. All counseling is tailored to the needs of the couple.

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